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Tittle : Burn That Bridge
Singer : Akon

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Akon - Burn That Bridge Lyrics

Testing 1 2 3, can you hear me
Yeah yeah yeah

Your daddy was a real nigga
The real rolling stone of our time
He’s the reason why you wanna be a killer
Still wondering why he left you behind
Now you a blood or crip
Fuck that nigga, this my clip
Living the life and hoping that you make it bigger
Either you end up in the cage or in the ground

Ohh just like your daddy… just like you
Ohh you’re living on the edge and you know that you gotta

Burn this bridge down if you’re falling across it
Burn this bridge down like you’re…
Put your lighters up ohh
Let it burn let it burn let it burn
Put your lighters up ohh
Let it burn let it burn let it burn

Your momma used to be a hooker
So many men coming in and out the house
She’s the reason why you’re working as a stripper

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