Jannat 2 - Tu Hi Mera
Movie : Jannat 2
Upload Date : 18 March 2012
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Tu Hi Mera Lyrics English Translation From Jannat 2

Immersed(Lost) In Your Love Day & Night Always
Let Your Eyes Never Be Sperated From My Dreams
In This Moment Write My Name In Your Hands
I Wish God Would Bring Such A Day
You Are My ....

Tere Ishq Me Dooba Rahe
Din Raat Yuhin Sadaa
Mere Khwaab Se Aakhein Teri
Ik Pal Na Hoye Judaa
Mera Naam Tu Haathon Pe
Apne Likhe Baarhan
Aye Kaash Ke Aisa Bhi
Ik Din Laaye Woh Khuda
Tu Hi Mera Mera Mera

Your Wish , My Need
My World Is Sleeping(silent) Without You
I Can't Live Away From These ,
Your Ways Are My Heaven

Hai Teri Chaahat, Meri Zaroorat
Sooni Hai Tujh Bin Duniya Meri
Naa Reh Sakoonga Main Door Inse
Hai Meri Jannat Galiyaan Teri

I Live By Keeping This Belief In My Heart
Sometime You Will Meet Me And Say I Am Only Yours
You Are My ....

Umeed Ye Seene Me Leke
Main Hoon Jee Raha
Kabhi Tu Mile Mujhse Kahe
Ke Main Hoon Bas Tera
Tu Hi Mera Mera Mera

You Are Luck , You Are Mercy
My Hapiness Is Attached To You
You Are Love , Your Are Relief
I get myself every moment
Alone Without You
Stop Me , Stop me
I Am A Wanderer
You Are My ....

Tu Hi Hai Kismat, Tu Hi Hai Rehmat
Tujhse Judi Hai, Meri Har Khushi
Tu Hi Mohabbat, Tu Hi Hai Rahat
Lagti Bhali Hai Teri Saadgi
Pata Hoon Khud Ko Har Ghadi
Tere Bagair Tanhaa
Mujhe Thaamle, Mujhe Rokle
Bhatka Hoon Main Bhatka
Tu Hi Mera Mera Mera
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